The Hunger Games — Days in Arena / Tribute Death Order


There are going to be spoilers for The Hunger Games below, massive spoilers!! You have been warned.

While reading The Hunger Games I had been keeping a list of who died in what order and on what day, also the days spent in the arena & the gifts Katniss received.  (there may have been a map too…) After I finished, I happened upon a site that had the same information, only it was quite different from mine.  Never one to easily accept defeat, I read the book again.  Where it was noted the anthem was played (marking the end of a day in the arena) I switched out the yellow post-its for more obvious pink post-its . I ended up with exactly the same thing, so I’m going with it.  I’ve been meaning to post this for about a year now, better late than never, yeah?

Here is what I came up with. Page numbers are from a hardcover version.  (If you were crazy like me & kept track of the information, but got something different, let me know! We can discuss)

*Days 5 & 6 are open to interpretation.  On page 205, Rue says that Katniss has missed 2 nights.  I’m taking this to mean she missed the night of the Tracker Jacker attack and the following night.


Harry Potter Cast, 10 years in a blink

Warning!!!! Viewing these pictures may induce misty eyed syndrome!!!

Sorcerer’s Stone  –  November 2001

Chamber of Secrets  –  November 2002

Prisoner of Azkaban  –  May 2004

Goblet of Fire  –  November 2005

Order of the Phoenix  –  July 2007

Half-Blood Prince  –  July 2009

Deathly Hallows: Part 1  –  November 2010

Deathly Hallows: Part 2  –  July 2011

Young Miss Weasley

Can’t forget Mr. Longbottom

and of course Mr. Malfoy

One for fun … (Goblet of Fire)

And one of just Emma, because she is stunning, literally stunning

Books – Madison Avery Series

(The second book had a cover revamp for its paperback release, and it looks like the third one is coming out in that style. While I do like the new covers, I’m a bit sad because I liked the originality of the first design. Also, I’m a bit persnickety and like for my books to match!!)

The Madison Avery series by Kim Harrison is just plain fun – it has great characters, interesting plots, and a fresh take on the YA Supernatural genre.  I adore Madison, her wacky cohorts, and all the hijinks that ensue.  I loved the 1st book Once Dead, Twice Shy, liked the 2nd Early to Death, Early to Rise, and can’t wait for the 3rd Something Deadly This Way Comes (out 5/24/11)

Give the series a try for cheap — Starting 5/10/11 the e-book of Once Dead, Twice Shy is only $1.99 (Amazon Link)

More blabbering about The Hunger Games

I originally posted that I was Team Hunter for the beloved boy with bread Peeta Mellark, but I’ve slowly drifted towards a new team, Team Lucas Till.  I wasn’t really familiar with Till until I started reading various fan run sites.  I’ve since watched a few interviews and read several articles on him.  (this one in particular won me over) He shares many of the same qualities as Hunter Parrish —  charming in interviews, dazzling smile,  likeable, enthusiasm for the project,  and an understanding of the character.  What was it that gave Till an edge over Parrish in my mind? Physical appearance.  His hair, eyes, build and height make him much closer to the minds image I have of Peeta.  I still like Parrish though, and Hutcherson (now the rumored frontrunner for the part) wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Now on to other parts –

Greasy Sae – I’ve seen mention of Cloris Leachman, who would no doubt be hilarious in the part.  But I pictured her more like an older Jane Lynch, perhaps Judith Light.  They can both be tough yet tender, funny and very cooky.



Cato – Aaron Hill (Beaver from Greek)

Max Adler (Karofsky from Glee) has expressed interest in the role.  And many fans have suggested Kellan Lutz.  But I picked Aaron Hill simply because I love him and want him involved in anything & everything!!






Foxface – Bella Thorne

She’s tiny and often sneaky in her role on Disney, perfect for the roll.

(As an aside – though the role in The Mortal Instruments movie is already cast, she’s my perfect Clary)






Avox – Leven Rambin









District Three Tribute – Jacob Zachar

(aka Spitter from Greek)








President Snow – Gerald McRaney In my previous post I chose Peter Gallagher, and while I still think he’d be great in the part, Gerald McRaney is more true to the book description of Snow.  He’s also a fantastic actor and could probably pull off the cold & calculating Snow in his sleep.


I’ve seen mention of Kevin Kline and Eric Stonestreet for Caesar Flickerman – I think either of those would be great.

Unofficial Score for The Hunger Games

I followed a twitter link to The Hob Blog and found a post featuring a beautiful fanmade score for The Hunger Games.  The composer is Sam Cushion, his website is , twitter Sam_Cushion , and YouTube Channel UnofficialScore .

It’s always amazing to see the ways people are inspired by books.  Much like with life memories & music, once my mind has attached a piece of music to a book every emotion I had while reading comes back with just one tiny note.  Music is sure to play an important role in The Hunger Games movie, there’s a lot of action and emotional scenes that will be made more poignant with the aid of a haunting yet powerful score.  If what the movie composer comes up with is half a beautiful as this unofficial score is, it will be amazing.  I’m rooting for just instrumental music for the movie itself, maybe a  song with lyrics during the end credits.  The  parts of the books where Katniss sings are emotionally charged and need to stand out, I feel too many songs featuring lyrics would detract from that.  While I know it’s probably only in my head, I’m still going to hold out hope that 30 Seconds to Mars will miraculously become involved with the scoring project.

Anyhow, back to the unofficial score, the composers work is available for purchase from iTunes & Amazon, I’ll definitely be buying a copy to support his work! One can never have too much music, even if Katniss does rank it “somewhere between hair ribbons and rainbows in terms of usefulness” (The Hunger Games, page 211)


In Which I Cast The Hunger Games Movie

I am famous for buying books and then not reading them right away.  This was the case with both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.  Finally at the beginning of August 2010, with Mockingjay’s release date looming over me, I picked them up.  I was not even 100 pages into The Hunger Games when I pre-ordered Mockingjay from Amazon.

To say I was captivated by the books would be a complete understatement.  I couldn’t get them out of my head, during the few weeks I spent waiting for Mockingjay I reread the first two.  I  kept a list of tribute names, what each district produced, who died in what order, and how many days they were in the arena.  I also made a (very crude) hand drawn map of the arena and had covered the pages of the books in tiny post it note flags to mark favorite passages, quotes, or important information.  But I was reluctant to seek outside information or discuss them, for some reason wanting to keep them to myself.  Time has passed, I recently began checking out websites here or there — movie news is all around, and I find myself wanting to be a part of it.  Wanting to speculate on casting, express my opinions on the books, gather as much information as I can, and enjoy every moment of it.

First up, I’ve decided to chatter on about the cast, because I have plenty of opinions.

A note on music – I’d love to see a composer collaborate with 30 Seconds to Mars (much like Trent Reznor and The Social Network). Their music is often stunning and inspiring with a huge yet sometimes haunting sound. Perfect for the series.

Katniss  Everdeen – Obviously the lovely Jennifer Lawrence has already been cast, and let me tell you I’m totally on board with this.  Is she the Katniss in my head? Certainly not.  But to be perfectly honest many of the actresses who kept creeping into my mind for this part weren’t olive skinned or dark haired either.  This is not to say there are not several actresses who did physically fit the bill (or in several cases were in their mid-twenties, or some had dark hair and fair skin, or were too tall, it goes on and on).  I won’t lie and say I didn’t have a few reservations at first, but from what I’ve seen of Jennifer I believe she will be a great Katniss.

Peeta Mellark – When thinking of an actor to play this most lovable character, I thought immediately of William Moseley or Lucas Grabeel.  I have, however, recently seen a few interviews with Hunter Parrish, and let me say, I’m smitten.  I am definitely Team Hunter now. (though I would be happy to see Josh Hutcherson in the part, not so happy to see Pettyfer or Hemsworth.)  Back to Parrish – he’s charming in interviews (majorly important), his smile is dazzling, and he’s genuinely likeable.  His enthusiasm for the project is contagious and I trust he can convincingly play Peeta on his journey through The Hunger Games and the remaining two books.

Haymitch Abernathy – Val Kilmer

Hear me out, Haymitch needs to be someone who once was something.  He was strong enough to win his games and has proceeded to drink himself into decay.   He’s a drunk, beaten down by years of mentoring tributes and playing his part in the games — but he’s more.  He was once something of a looker, he’s strong, smart, capable. Plus let’s face it, they’ve both seen better days.   I think Kilmer would be able to convey all of these traits, as well as the range of emotion & character needed.


Gale Hawthorne – Thomas McDonnell

I’ll be honest, I chose him based on looks alone.  I saw a commercial for the movie Prom and instantly thought “Gale”







(If Steven Strait were younger he would be my choice for Gale, hands down)







Prim Everdeen – Elle Fanning

She’s a little tall, but just about the right age and right look.








Mrs. Everdeen – Beth Riesgraf

(Parker from Leverage)

She may be a little young, but I think she encapsulates the character well.  She’s small and looks frail, with some makeup she could easily portray the sad weary woman Mrs. Everdeen has become.  At the same time it wouldn’t be difficult to see her as young and in love or as a strong and determined healer.


Effie Trinket – Anne Hathaway or Leighton Meester

Can’t you just hear either of them saying “And may the odds be ever in your favor!” ??


Cinna – Michael Urie

I adore Cinna, how can you not?   Unlike the others, where my head character differs from the actor I may think could portray them, Alec Mapa instantly portrayed Cinna in my head.  Unfortunately Mapa is 45 years old and probably not quite for the part, so my alternate is Michael Urie.  Urie has a remarkable emotional range and I can absolutely see him having those tender moments with Katniss.



Rue – Jamia Simone Nash –  Zendaya Coleman – China Anne McClain


President Snow – Peter Gallagher

I’ve been watching a lot of The O.C. lately and let me tell you, Sandy Cohen is quite intimidating.  His newest character in Covert Affairs is more than manipulative & cunning enough to play Snow.

No, he doesn’t fit the description in the book, but neither did the Snow in my head (who was  fat, sweaty, and balding)




Mr. Everdeen – Karl Urban

I had a few people who I thought would be a good fit for this character.  The first person I thought of was John Stamos, who I ruled out for being too old (but a bonus that he can sing). Next I thought of Christian Kane, who could easily pull of the coal miner look and can sing, but he’s a little too solid (and short).  This brought me to Timothy Olyphant who I thought would be perfect, but I have a different character in mind for him.  I finally decided on Karl Urban, who I think could easily be the loving provider of the family.


Madge Undersee – Bridgit Mendler





Caesar Flickerman – Greg Kinnear

Claudius Templesmith – Alfonso Ribeiro

Book – Unwind

I’ve decided to list books I’ve read and enjoyed.  I don’t necessarily plan on reviewing them, there are plenty of fabulous book blogs out there – but I like hearing about new books, plus it’s my blog, I’ll do as I please!!

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

The Second Civil War was fought over reproductive rights. The chilling resolution: Life is inviolable from the moment of conception until age thirteen. Between the ages of thirteen and eighteen, however, parents can have their child “unwound,” whereby all of the child’s organs are transplanted into different donors, so life doesn’t technically end. Connor is too difficult for his parents to control. Risa, a ward of the state is not enough to be kept alive. And Lev is a tithe, a child conceived and raised to be unwound. Together, they may have a chance to escape and to survive.

This book was beyond thought-provoking.  The core of the story is the often debated pro-life/pro-choice, neither side completely wrong neither completely right.  A war is fought, a “compromise” is reached, and in the end children pay the price of adults who can’t agree.

I won’t say this book changed my stance on the pro-life/pro-choice debate, if anything it strengthened my long standing views.  What it did do is make me think –  I considered the other side of this ultimate hot topic in ways I had never bothered to before.  I’d love to see this book become required reading, not so I can be agreed (or even disagreed with), but because I’m hopeful that it will  make people take pause and examine their own beliefs, whatever they may be.

I enjoyed everything about this book – writing, story, characters.  I give it an A+