La Push Blanket

From the moment I saw Twilight in the theater I knew I needed the blanket Angela has in the La Push Beach scene.  It’s just a simple green & white granny square blanket, but I was smitten!   Late one night (way back in November of 2008), while chatting with my friend Inoxia, I started the first square.  I was unsure of sizing, so I just did what I thought I remembered, and crocheted my little heart out.  When the DVD was released I paused on that scene, zoomed in as close as possible and counted the rounds of the squares on her blanket…then I geeked out, because I had been correct!  I’m fairly certain my blanket is a bit smaller than Angela’s but I love it nonetheless (I believe hers has both another horizontal & vertical row, but I was out of green and couldn’t find more of the shade anywhere)

I had notes on my project page on Ravelry from the very beginning, but had been lax in putting up the actual pattern, mostly because it’s such a simple project.  If you know how to make granny squares, you can make this blanket with very little instruction.  But the other day someone in a group I belong to asked if anyone knew of a pattern for the blanket and I figured I may as well put mine up.  It contains no crochet how-to’s, just the bare bones, but it does have pictures!

It’s availble as a free download on Ravelry,       La Push Blanket


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  1. Love this!

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